Given the every increasing costs of cable TV, “cutting the cord” becomes an increasingly attractive alternative. There are many cost saving benefits to eliminating the cable company and leveraging your internet connection to providing your viewing needs. However, there are some compromises you may have to make in making this transition. The ubiquity of high speed broadband connections make this all very possible in combination with subscriptions that offer movies and television shows streamed over the internet.  One of the first things to be aware is that many of the big stations that serve local markets will require a subscription to cable or satellite servicesRead More →

Penny auctions are exciting and new. They are fun to use, as well as beneficial to you and the website that hosts them. However, there are some mistakes that people make when enrolling and participating in these penny auctions. Some mistakes include not doing enough research to determine if the site is safe and reliable, bidding too much for an item that you aren’t very interested in, spending too much time and money on these sites (or becoming addicted) and not bidding intelligently. It is a huge mistake to participate in a penny auction site that you don’t know much about, as they could turnRead More →

Owning a product and advertising for it can be a massive project to pull off, with challenges from the onset. Finding resources, building a network, creating a working prototype or ten, production, liability; the list goes on and on before marketing can even begin. Anyone can expect to dump tens of thousands of dollars into the successful launch of a product to be sold locally. There is and never will be a guarantee that it will work. Even after finding investors to give capital to an inventor there is not a working system for making a product that will be successful. So many products failRead More →

The vast majority of people who purchase hosting will begin with a basic service package. And at first this makes perfect sense. After all you don’t want to be paying for capacity and features that you won’t even be using. However as your website grows in popularity eventually there will come a time when you need to upgrade. Failing to upgrade can be a serious mistake as it can make your site difficult to use and in some cases inaccessible. Most people will only start to look at upgrading web hosting when problems are already occurring. It’s a little like getting sick. Generally we don’tRead More →