How To Cut The Cord From Cable

Given the every increasing costs of cable TV, “cutting the cord” becomes an increasingly attractive alternative. There are many cost saving benefits to eliminating the cable company and leveraging your internet connection to providing your viewing needs. However, there are some compromises you may have to make in making this transition. The ubiquity of high speed broadband connections make this all very possible in combination with subscriptions that offer movies and television shows streamed over the internet. 

One of the first things to be aware is that many of the big stations that serve local markets will require a subscription to cable or satellite services when streaming over your broadband connections. Most of the stations websites as well as streaming devices and apps will require a cable subscription in order to stream. If local news or these broadcast stations are desired, consider purchasing an HD antenna for your television. Almost all of your local television stations broadcast a digital quality signal that can be consumed for free! Invest is a good quality antenna if watching your local news or stations that broadcast locally is desired since many require a cable or satellite subscription, which defeat the purpose of “cutting the cord.” Another big caveat is understanding the impact to your Internet bill once you cancel television subscription services with your television provider. This is the unfortunate side effect of “cutting the cord” – many will find that the bundled deal they had will go away and may double or even triple your internet bill! 

Also, determine which subscription services you and your family are interested in viewing. There are many to choose from – Netflix, Hulu, and various premium movie channels are all viable options as “a la carte” services. Keep in mind the costs of these services can add up, so research each subscription carefully to ensure they provide the content you and your family enjoy. Also, many offer original programming that have high quality movies and television shows. You may also get free streaming with memberships you already have, such as with Amazon Prime. Do your research and understand what you may already be getting. 

Cutting the cord can lead to great cost savings and provide a more “a la carte” experience where you pay for only what you are truly interested in. There are two main options available. The cheapest option will be to purchase a digital antenna for your television and get free, high quality television from your local television stations. This may not be available if you live in a rural or remote area far away from broadcast stations. Streaming is another option which will greatly enhance the number of television programs and movies available to you. This can be somewhat costly depending on how much you will pay for internet service that is not bundled with television. Also, you will need to factor in the costs of the subscriptions to various streaming services. These can quickly add up! However, with enough research and time, you may find great cost savings in cutting the cord.


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