Own Product Or Promote Someone Elses?

Owning a product and advertising for it can be a massive project to pull off, with challenges from the onset. Finding resources, building a network, creating a working prototype or ten, production, liability; the list goes on and on before marketing can even begin. Anyone can expect to dump tens of thousands of dollars into the successful launch of a product to be sold locally. There is and never will be a guarantee that it will work. Even after finding investors to give capital to an inventor there is not a working system for making a product that will be successful. So many products fail in the short term that it turns off most perspective producers from even trying. However, the profit margin for the independent ownership and production is potentially significant.

Affiliate marketing for someone else’s product is a challenge in and of itself. The amount of effort to generate an income advertising someone else’s product or service is just as time-consuming as launching an independent line of goods or services. Networks must be created to sell, constant monitoring and updating of links, many subscriptions to various affiliate sites and follow-ups galore.

There should be several deciding factors when determining whether to create and advertise a new product or promote as a third party. Is there enough time and money to create a product that people will pay for and return for? Is there a way to build a working model of it? Has it already been built and are the copy rights owned? For argument’s sake, is it realistic to assume that affiliate advertising will be profitable versus literally producing and selling a unique product?

Affiliate marketing will almost always turn a profit for dedicated individuals who dig and research the various areas of the marketing scene that produce results. It is easy to get overwhelmed and enticed to paying out before any returns are acquired. It is time-consuming and tedious, plagued with scam artists and liars who will rake any would be an affiliate through the coals before ever see that person make a single nickel. However, there is no real guarantee that a product will succeed, but affiliate advertising is known to produce results and profits! Too many well-established companies need dirt cheap advertising for people to fail in this field of marketing. It’s done with a higher likely hood of success.

Creating a product has the chance of rocketing profits, but also the risk of total failure just as quickly. Advertising for others is much safer in the short term because of start-up costs and initial expenditures. A skilled internet user can generate a network of 1,000 people viewing your ad within a week. The down side of this is that only about 10 of these thousand will actually but the advertised product generating income for the advertiser. If one can continue to expand and force consumers to return and spread the word of a good product at a high price the profit margin will increase.


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