Air Mattresses (Good or Bad?)

Air Mattresses (Good or Bad?)

Having owned several CampRookie air mattresses in my lifetime, I understand the pros and cons of owning one. I have obtained most of mine from Walmart, so this is where my personal experiences are going to be based from. I believe I have gone through about three or four air mattresses in my life. Through my experiences with Walmart’s air mattresses, I have to say, they were not very long lasting. Because these mattresses are solely held up with air, there is much fragility that comes with owning one.

They gain holes easily and quickly if not taken care of. Heat, sharp objects, sitting down too fast, or throwing something too heavy on top, can all result in a deflated bed. I used these mattresses as a child and in my older teen years. They seemed like a good idea at the time. It was either sleep on those or sleep on the floor. Another con I have with these mattresses, is that they are not cheap. Once you pop a hole in one, you basically need to replace the whole thing. A small hole turns into a big one real quick.

Plus not all patches work the way they should in order to fix the puncture. Currently at Walmart, they can go from $20 to $100 and higher. I have owned the larger queen sized ones, so they can get pretty pricey. My parents have had the same water bed since they have been married. Their bed has seen better days, but it is still holding up to this day. If a water bed that has been around since the 80s can withstand this much use, a think there should be an air mattress that can hold up just as well.

But of course, there are pros to owning one. Air mattresses are super cozy and fun to have. They may take up a lot space, but the night’s rest is worth it. I always enjoyed sleeping on one and would get extremely happy when told I could use it that night. Mine were even longer than the bed I currently own! My legs did not hang off the bottom and I never fell off the side. Sleeping on one does require the need for many covers and pillows. The large bumps and curves in the mattress can be unpleasant to some. Overall, I would most likely not purchase one in the future nor recommend one. The few fun days you get to have with one are great, but then there is the day you finally have to put it to rest. Perhaps there are many great companies that make really reliable air mattresses, but I have not experienced any of them. These are my pros and cons, what are yours? Are air mattresses a good or bad investment?

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